The Coassemble API can be used for simple requests like searching for and looking up learners, posting requests for enrolling users and creating groups, and requesting reporting data. It’s important to be aware of the limitations on requests when developing your integration. These current limitations are outlined below:

  • 30 requests per minute
  • POST requests count as 3 requests
  • Reporting data requests count as 5 requests

If it is likely that you’ll be requesting more than the allocated amount, you should make allowances for this in your application so that requests can be queued and sent asynchronously by your system. Contact us if your requirements exceed this as we may have other solutions.

Using the API documentation

Each section of the documentation details routes and methods available for a range of application-specific entities including Courses, Enrolments, Assignments and Reports.

Each route is listed with the corresponding HTTP Method and URL, e.g. the route to get courses is listed as GET /api/v1/courses